consumption of cannabis

A bong is a filtration device used to inhale smoke of herbal extracts such as cannabis and tobacco. Bongs are similar to hookahs, except they are smaller and suited for a single user.

Bongs are a safe method of cannabis usage that is especially popular among habitual cannabis users. Because the smoke is cooled and filtered as it goes through water, it is less unpleasant.

Bongs, like other gadgets, began as basic devices that served as convenient substitutes for traditional tobacco delivery systems. However, best bongs have seen a massive revolution throughout the years. Today, there are a plethora of best-selling bongs that are classed based on several factors such as size and substance.

Based on material, the following are some of the most common types of bongs:

Bongs made of glass

Glass is the most commonly used material in the manufacture of bongs. Many smokers favour the material because of its low heat conductivity. Glass is also less difficult to clean and maintain. Furthermore, because glass is transparent, it is easier to keep track of the contents of your bong.

consumption of cannabis

Bongs made of silicone

While glass bongs are less expensive and easier to maintain, silicone bongs are remarkably long-lasting. Silicone is also well-known for its stunning aesthetic appeal. Not to mention the fact that the material is dishwasher safe. However, always use best bongs with medical-grade silicone to ensure maximum durability.

Bongs made of ceramic

This is the traditional material. Ceramic bongs were almost the only ones accessible until glass bongs comes to market, and many old-school users still rely on them. They are quite resistant to damage, but not as much as silicone bongs, and come in a plethora of unique shapes. They do, however, fall short in a few areas: they are not see-through, which can make cleaning difficult, and there aren’t as many accessories available for them as there are for dry herb vaporizers.