Making floor plans is beneficial and important on the other hand so that it’s easy to understand the characteristics of the house. What generally floor plan includes?

Coming to this point, it includes a two-dimensional view from the birds-eye vision of a suite, comprises of structure, door and window positions, room formats, and more, as in Liv @ MB floor plan.

 Purchasing a preconstruction for the first time would look-alike a group of lines and numbers. The main thing here to understand is the guide before the next visit to the presentation center.

What are the elements used in forming the preconstruction model? 

  • Naming the model:

 Each model is named after making it. As it’s easy to remember and refer to a specific project name.

  • Information of the model:

The Floor plan mainly shows the square photo and type of suite you’re looking for. This comprises several bedrooms, bathrooms, den, balcony, and terrace.

  • Key plate :

This provides more information regarding choosing of layout for a floor, the face of the balcony, elevator point, and common walls with your neighbors. Extraordinary it gives directional arrows so that it’s easy to mark the positions.

  • Important elements:

This would be marked properly for easy reading. These elements mainly include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, den, and living room area. This also involves a privacy screen on the balcony and Gallery foyer.

  • Abbreviations used instead of sentences: 

Due to less occupancy of space for writing sentences in the floor plan, an abbreviation is another option to use. Example: W.I.C- WALK-IN CLOSER, W/DWASHER AND DRYER, P- PANTRY AND STORE- STORAGE SPACE

  • Dimensions: 

The floor plan is the dimensions of the various areas and rooms. Measured by feet and inches. Arrows play a role to understand the floor plan. Examples: including the master 2 master bedroom and 2 sets of an arrow. The arrow represents the distance between the partner’s identity and the arrow roaming to do so.

  • Furniture, closet, cabinets: 

These are marked in different shapes and sizes. Some are referred to as dotted lines, some with instant models and icons of doors

  • Multi-level condos:

This helps to understand the staircase position of the house. It is pointed with UP and a directional arrow. And the second-floor plan out of two multi-level floor plans will be marked as DN for down. And the open area is shown as X.

Knowing everything about the floor plan is necessary to understand how the condo will turn out to be in reality.