Willamette vineyard

Visiting Willamette vineyard offers you an ever-remarkable experience to note in your life history. The amenities will give you the pleasure of:

  • Wine tasting
  • Restaurant
  • Wine events
  • Private events

All these are experienced when visiting the vineyard. Not just this, the wine tasting experience in Willamette is unique, which you can’t experience from any other vineyards and wineries out there.

The tasting of wines

The wine rooms give you a fully immersed wine tasting experience. You can enjoy curated wine flights or select from the extensive wine list. It is your beginning to learn about wines from the knowledgeable educators in Willamette winery. The tasting room experience will offer you something that suits every palate.

Yes, the wine tasting room is not accessible all the time. But, you can book for wine tasting appointment, open from Monday to Friday. The wide selection of wines will offer you different tastes and flavors that will surely surprise your taste bud.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes of a taste of wine. Maybe you like the taste of Chardonnay and not Dolcetto. Thus, you must experience wine tasting in Willamette to enjoy the different tastes of wines fermented and distributed from Willamette Valley.

Dine at the finest restaurant

When speaking of visiting a new place, the food will surely fill in you, before the place. What is the spirit of having a stunning and panoramic view of only the eyes are satisfied, yet not the stomach? Both must be filled with enough and satisfactory, from a panoramic view of Willamette Valley to the delicious servings of foods to dine in the finest restaurant.

The delectable cuisine of King Estate in an extraordinary setting makes it a very remarkable experience. The delicious and unforgettable food to taste partnered with the wines available – it will be an ever-notable experience. Dining is open from Monday to Sunday, according to the scheduled opening and closing hours. But, don’t make things complicated because you can book reservations.

Enjoy wine events

Aside from wine tasting, you also have wine events to attend. The tasting event is about an intimate winemaker dinner and wine release. You will experience to taste the different tastes of wines. All these wines are made from various wineries in the King Estate, wherein vineyards are huge in the place. People who have visited the estate will probably not skip the wine tasting experience by joining wine events.

Book for your wine experience at King Estate Winery.