The food we eat decide our life expectancy. Alifestyle with good food make you to have the good health. The food we eat in a day should be a balanced diet. The balanced diet is eating the food with the required quantities of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Our body require everything to stay with good health. The carbohydrates we eat in the food will provide you energy for doing any type of work.

The proteins in the food will help in building the muscles. Protein is important for the people who wants to lose weight and for body building. Every vitamin and mineral has a particular function in the body. Required quantities of vitamins and minerals will make you stay active and healthy. Deficiency of any vitamin and mineral will manifest symptoms in the body indicating its deficiency. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Eating the fresh fruits and vegetables regularly is important for everyone to have a healthy lifestyle. But nowadays the fruits and vegetables we have in the market are growth with the pesticides and is full of chemicals. So, to save our health we need to eat the foods that are certified by the food certification company like 먹튀토토.Eating the food with chemicals may cause many health problems.

Importance of the food safety:

Food safety is most important for any company. If the company don’t follow the food safety, there is a risk of causing food poisoning and illness to the people who eat that company food products. Incase of restaurants or any food supplying places not following the food safety, may shutdown after inspection by the food verification agency. So, it is crucial to have a food certification department associated with any company or restaurant so that they can check regularly. The harms caused if you not following the rules by food safety department :

  • Biological: This type of food contamination is most common. The food products company and the restaurant owners should be careful to avoid this. The biological contaminated food may cause you food poisoning with serious illness. In some cases there is danger of death also. The biological contamination means the food is attacked by the microbes like bacteria, fungus, virus, insects and so on. When you use the utensils without washing properly, biological contamination occurs.
  • Physical: In the restaurants and the food companies, larger quantities of food is prepared. The physical contamination of food may be unnoticed. The contamination of the food by the tip of knife, any sharps, glass or any cookware pieces is the physical contamination of food. It is more dangerous as the sharp objects may cause injury to the internal organs if eaten unnoticed.
  • Chemical : The chemical contamination is less common than others. The contamination of food with the chemicals like rat poison, gamazine powder or bleaching powder. This may cause chemical burns when you eat.


Always prefer to eat the products or food that is certified.