Investing in the stock market needs knowledge and experience. One should know when to buy or sell the shares. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily make a profit from investment and trading.

Most people simply sell the shares when the company is not doing better. However, the real investors take advantage of it and buy the shares at a lesser price.

You need to speculate the price and analyse the company. Even if the results are disappointing now, they won’t stay the same. The same company might do better in the future and help you benefit from the rise in stock price.

It is the same case of MicroVision. Even though the financial reports of the first quarter is disappointing, it is the right time to buy NASDAQ MVIS shares at

MicroVision Disappointing Performance:

It is a well-known technology company that develops sensing and display technology. It has been in the market for 25 years. However, not many people take this company seriously.

Most of them only know it as a meme stock after it was discussed on Reddit. In 2020, it was known as a penny stock. The value of one share was not even a dollar.

NASDAQ MVIS gained traction during the first quarter of 2021 when the stock price increased to $26.44. However, after the surge in price, there was a great fall as well.

In the month of May, the stock prices went down by 42%. The investors are in the puzzle after the disappointing results. Many investors have experienced loss. The revenue of the company decreased as well.

Buy Opportunity for NASDAQ MVIS:

Even though the share prices of MicroVision went down, it is but an opportunity for investors. If you already have MVIS shares, don’t sell them. And investors who are looking to invest in a tech company should invest right now. This is the perfect opportunity for investors as the price is low.

  • EV Stock Performance:

Most of the EV manufacturing companies used Lidar technology for their cars. As MicroVision develops this technology, the performance of EV stocks like Tesla might affect the price.

  • Growing Market:

Even though the revenue is low and the stock price is low, MicroVision is experiencing a growing market. As the company and the stock are growing each day, there is a huge possibility that the stock price will increase in the future.

  • Optimism for MicroVision:

There is great optimism for MicroVision as the Lidar market is expected to grow. With the growth of the Lidar market, NASDAQ MVIS will also go up. So is an excellent buy opportunity for investors. New investors should buy these shares, and shareholders need to hold the already bought shares. If you want to invest in stocks, you can check other stock like nyse pltr at